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Best Choice to Rip DVD to Android Device, Introduce Some Good Software About Ripping Dvd Video To Android

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Android has swept the market share from most of the other mobile operating systems and like never before you can spot an android smartphone, or an android tablet in 1 out of 5 people. Android is the only mobile operating system second to Apple’s iOS that is accepted widely among masses.

While these android devices are capable to doing every possible thing that a human mind can practically think of with a million+ apps, there are still some things for which you might need some external help.
 One such drawback that these android devices face is the incapablility of playing DVDs. As the picture quality has reached its heights, the customers are more inclined towards watching eveything in the best possible manner and at present DVD quality is the best suited option to match the mobile OS.
Keeping in view its immense neccessity of providng the mobile users a DVD experience in their android devices, the only suitable option is to convert the DVD files into a mobile supported format (usually MP$) before being able to watch it in your portable device.
Aimersoft Disk Ripper is the solution to this problem that provides the users with an easy option to convert their DVDs into MP4.
Aimersoft Disk Ripper provides fast ripping and an excellent video quality in theoutput. To make the software even more attractive it allows the users to use certain features like trimming, cropping, rotating, adjusting video effects etc. that a user may find handy.
To suti the needs of the Mac users, the software is alos available in a Mac compatible version known as the Aimersoft Disk Ripping Software Mac that will copy DVD to android on Mac OS. Also, there is a version availabel to rip Blu-ray videos to android.
Here are a few simple steps for How to rip DVD to Android devices:

1.    Click on “Load DVD” button that will add the DVD that is to be ripped. Once the files are loaded, you can view the files in the right hand corner and add or remove them according to your wish. What is worth noticing here is that even ISO and IFO files are supported by this Ripper Software.
2.   After selecting the files to reip, next step is simple where you select your device (mobile phone or tablet) and select the output format. In case you are unsure about the format, simply select “Common Video” that will convert the video into MP4 format after which you can esy copy it to your device. Also, you can select the destination folder in which the video will be copied.

 3.    Once you are sure that you have selected the right destination folder, click on “Start” button that will start coverting the DVD files into a format supported by your android devices. Once done, click on “Find Target” that will help you locate the file.
 4.   Your file is ripped and now ready to be copied into your android device.
Yes, all this is so simle. So grab your copy now and start ripping!    Visit here
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