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Use It Sell It! Free, Secure and Local Market Place[Review]

By Sunil Pratap Singh+ @ Email Pin It
Amanda was cleaning her closet and just like most of us she came across the dilemma of deciding on what to do with the STUFF she no longer uses. What Amanda is experiencing is what we all come across at some point. There is always that STUFF that we don’t use and have no clue whether to give it to someone in need or simply throw it away. But now, there is a FREE, SECURE and a LOCAL solution to get rid of our stuff and make little bit of MONEY while doing it. a totally free and more secure web portal dedicated to resolving a challenge how we can get rid of our stuff securely, locally and free of charge! From the rugged jeans you bought when you were fifteen to the cutlery in your kitchen to the bag that was once your favorite, now you can sell everything on in the simplest way possible.


FREE - One of the many amazing features about is that you can sell either a used product or a new one and the transaction is totally FREE! simply connects you with local potential buyers and doesn't take any fee for it.

SECURE – has implemented ranking system and profiles for sellers that allows you to check out seller’s history. They have also added PayPal verification stickers to sellers that have been verified to help prevent fraud.

LOCAL – allows you to search for local products within your radius! Even more, it allows you to setup a watch list – that allows you to watch for items sold within your area that you might be on the look-out for.

UseItSellIt , Sell and Buy Used Item website, is designed in a very attractive manner and attracts viewers at the first glance. The best part is that you do not need to be an expert to deal on The overall process is as simple as it can get and can be done by anyone within seconds. And, the best part is its all FREE.

This website is also a great platform for those who are trying to make a living from their talent as you can add and sell your Hand Crafted creations. This suits house-makers and anyone wanting to earn money from their hobbies.

Trading on is completely FREE, SECURE, LOCAL and is better than craigslist. It adds security and rating system for more secure and easier transactions experience.

All in all, this website is a boon to all people who want to see or buy things on an easier and more secure platform. provides just the right way to do it in a convenient manner for free.
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