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Android Smart Phone or Tablet Users Searching For Best Free Android Apps 2012 ? Search Ends Here

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Free Smart Phone Apps are Making Technology Easier

Best free android applications 2012 are listed in this article.Top Free Smart Phone/Tablet Apps have found an essential place in our smart phones for their immense and common usages making life a bit simpler this year. The briefs about these apps should be helpful for everybody to understand their roles these apps can play in our day to day life. So, the list goes like this:

1. ASTRO File Manager

This app makes your phone feel like a computer, and makes you feel like you're in charge of it. Know more and download Astro File Manager. Over 25 million "Astro File manager Apps" has been downloaded from Google Android market.

2. Hotmail

This app is aimed at providing users with a simple, clean interface with push notification support and that even lets you manage multiple Hotmail accounts. Know more and download Hotmail application for your phone to get connected with your professional and personal connections via mails.

3. Google Sky Map

Use this one of the best android apps 2012 by using your phone's orientation tools to give you an accurate representation of the stars and planets on your screen. Interesting, it works even indoors! Know more and download Google Sky Map to get best experiences of space from earth.

4. Google Goggles

A bit of a novelty, this best android app 2012 lets you take photos and have Google analyze them and come back with a search results page for what it thinks you're looking at. Know more and download: Google Goggles.

5. Samsung ChatOn

Among plenty of messaging tools on Android, Samsung's beats many of them by offering multi-platform support - with clients even available for older Samsung non-smart feature phones. Know more and download Samsung ChatOn If you are addicted to have chat with you Friends and family mates.
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