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Rangoli Doodle For Republic Day of India,26 January 2012

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Do you know how Google celebrates? Yes, answer is Doodle of Google. Google webmasters are always ready to create a creative design for festival and other famous dates

Today Indians are celebrating 63rd republic day. In the same course of celebration, Google India is celebrating republic day on homepage of Google India. This is not the first republic day celebrated by doodle of Google But in 2010, Google team created a doodle for republic day .In this doodle, fighter plans were constructing Tiranga, national flag of India, in sky).
Doodle for 26 January,2012

A doodle visibility set according to geographical regions. Such as today (Jan 26, 2012), doodle is visible only in India homepage.

Today we are memorializing the date on which 26 January 1950; CONSTITUTION OF INDIA has replaced government of India act 1935. Now whole world is celebrating that day because Indians are everywhere in world. Indians are living around the globe, some of them have visit to space, sunita william.
Doodle for 26 January,2010

India is fast developing country. Indian are serving whole world using their talents .30, 00,000 Indian-Americans, 0.10% of American population, are living in USA and most of them are working with zenith organizations of USA.

As the India is pacing on the track of development, surely the next republic will celebrate with more happiness and enthusiasm.

If you love adventure and Indian army shows then next line is for you only.  You can watch Indian republic day Pared Videos here. 
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